graphic design & branding

Sunoso – Japanese Restaurant

Japanese and Asian fusion take away restaurant.

SUNOSO began as the idea of two people who wanted to establish a healthy alternative to fast food in Brighton.

This is a lively brand embracing the heathy aspect of Japanese cuisine and the fun ‘kawai / cute’ Tokyo culture. The name is made up of staple foods from the Asian menu. ‘su’ from sushi, ‘no’ from noodles and ‘so’ from soup. The logo is stacked to represent Japanese script and when spoken also has a Japanese sound.

In keeping with the Japanese inspiration for the brand, key messaging is communicated through Haiku. A Haiku is a traditional Japanese poem consisting of three lines; the first is 5 syllables, the second is 7 syllables and the third is 5. This style of communication enforces the playful aspect of the brand.

Taking inspiration from all things Japanese there is a set of Kawai inspired characters and Japanese inspired patterns.

Created while working for Warren Creative

Photography by Light Trick Photography